Creating an inviting and green corridor on the approach to the downtown from the south is a focus of this option. In this possibilitiy a greenway and pedestrian corridor from the Noel Field area toward Main Street on the southeast side of the river could be built. This greening of the area would be complemented by a small park to open up the Heritage Park complex and making it more inviting and visible. The approach to the Route 8 bridge would be green and pedestrian friendly. City Hall would sport fewer parking spaces out back but more
landscaping and a small path along the river’s edge.

A significant change to the Main Street/Route 8 intersection would be the creation of a terraced slope giving rise to a river access point. The intent of this change is to provide a more visible link between MoCA and Main Street to draw visitors into the downtown. The addition of sculpture and outdoor art would enhance the connection and should be considered. This area would be surrounded by a pocket park with some additional parking in the wedge created by the Route 2 overpass and off ramp. This option also proposes some modification to the flood chute bottom which is currently devoid of habitat and aquatic life.