River Restoration Examples

Like many flood control projects built in the 1950s in the United States, the flood chutes in North Adams had one goal: protect the residents from flood damage. The national river restoration project links listed below, reflect 21st Century, broader thinking about flood control; the designers have public access, aesthetics, environment, culture, and history in mind, as well as flood control.

Herring River Restoration Project

A group of citizens came together in the summer of 2008, bound by a shared commitment to the restoration of one of the largest impacted estuaries in New England: the Herring River Salt Marsh. The purpose of the Friends of Herring River is to promote education,...

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Reedy River, Greenville, SC Master Plan

Like North Adams, Greenville, South Carolina has been a struggling former textile mill town. North Adams' mills went south to places like Greenville in the 1940s and then in the 1970s those mills left the south for Mexico and Asia, devastating the community....

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Platte River, Denver Co South Greenway Master Plan

Twenty-five years ago, spurred on by a visit to the Riverwalk in San Antonio, Texas, Joe Shoemaker, along with other 'believers' in the value of a modernized, flood-controlled river, undertook the initial project of cleaning up Denver's Platte River, developing...

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Providence River Restoration Project

There were very few restaurants and, with the closing of the last department store in 1982, retail was reduced to a few specialty stores. Residents, who had no reason to come downtown except to conduct business or go to a government office, elected to spend their...

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Fitchburg River Restoration Project

The North Nashua River Master Plan focuses on seven types of opportunities. Some are long-term efforts while others could be implemented in a shorter time frame. The opportunities include: Public access to the river, visual access to the river from roads, sidewalks,...

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Los Angeles River Revitalization

River revitalization through our city would integrate multiple objectives ' including recreation, parks, storm water management, but also housing, transportation, economic development, and more. Revitalization will include various features, determined through...

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