With great enthusiasm, the HRR Board chose the Inter-Fluve/Sasaki team’s most creative, practical restorative design for the South Branch at Noel Field, one that will provide community access, wildlife habitat, recreational opportunities, and of course flood protection.

The Park illustration

Click on the drawing above to view in high resolution.

Some of the specific highlights:

  • the river meanders within the recreational fields
  • children and adults will be able to walk into and across the river
  • splash pad and playground adjacent to the river
  • pedestrian bridge for easy access to all fields
  • year-round walk/bike/ski paths on both sides of the river
  • ice skating comes back to Noel Field
  • even dogs will have their own playground
  • fishing/kayaking/canoeing access

The next step for us is the permitting process with the local, state, and federal regulatory entities, especially the Corps of Engineers. Having gotten regular advice from the Corps on what they require, we are hopeful few changes will be needed. In any case, we will keep you informed as we ideally move this transformative project from dream to final design, and ‘a shovel in the ground’ in 2017.

Click here to view the full 2015 Phase One Design Plan.