Our Mission

Reclaiming a Community Treasure in North Adams

The River Revival is a community-based, non-profit, private organization composed of area residents whose mission is to make the Hoosic River the gem in downtown North Adams, by revitalizing the River and its corridor, while simultaneously ensuring the safety of residents from flooding.

Our Mission is to reconnect the North Adams community to a clean, beautiful, and safe Hoosic River and to enhance the river’s recreational, cultural, and economic vitality while maintaining the level of flood protection provided by the flood chutes. We see the river lined with parklands and paths, connecting our historical and cultural highlights, and serving as a gateway to our many hiking and biking trails. We envision a time when residents will gather along the river to picnic, engage in sports, and listen to music. In short, we want a river that is an integral part of our city, a destination point for friends and visitors, and a catalyst for economic revitalization.

Financial Support: The Hoosic River Revival began receiving donations and grants as early as 2008, when the idea of reclaiming the river was first introduced For the past five years, funding for the organization has come from a variety of sources: tax-deductible donations from local businesses, private individuals, and Trusts and Foundations. Since 2010, when we became a Priority Project of the Massachusetts Department of Ecological Restoration, we also have received annual financial and technical support from the State of Massachusetts.

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