Like many of its fellow North Adams organizations, the Hoosic River Revival was pleased to sign the city’s Indigenous Peoples Day proclamation.  The name of the 75 mile long river flowing through our city, west to Williamstown, north into Vermont, and finally west into the Hudson River has Indigenous roots.  

Although the spelling varies from Hoosic to Hoosac or Hoosick, the meaning of the river’s original Mahican name does not vary.  It is translated most often as “the beyond place”, that is east of the Hudson in what was Mahican territory.  But some think it might mean “the stony place” because of the river’s stony bottom. Interestingly, according to Lauren Stevens, author of The Hoosic Matters, Mt. Greylock was once called Grand Hoosuck Mountain. 

Please go here for more information on the city’s proclamation.