Imagine A Revitalized Hoosic River

Restoring the North Adams section of the Hoosic River so it will be filled with fish, kids, and kayaks, and serve as a mecca for residents, tourists, and new businesses

Restoring the River Ecology

by developing and enhancing stable river corridor habitats, improve water quality, reestablish riverine habitats and restore instream connectivity

Experience a River For All Seasons

Restoring the river can not only enhance it’s beauty, it can turn it into an economic engine year round for our city

We have a vision to re-establish the HOOSIC RIVER as the heart of North Adams’ economy and community


Given the severity of repeated flood events from the 1920s through the 1940s, our community sought an engineering solution from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. While the resulting 15 foot-high concrete chutes and earthen walls have protected the city from flooding for over 60 years, their singular function has all but removed the river as an asset to the city.


River Specialists now know brute engineering to control natural forces is not often the best approach. Designs capitalizing on natural processes are more likely to succeed and be sustainable. Letting nature take its course is the heart of the Hoosic River restoration.

Restore a River
Revitalize a City

A story of the Hoosic River


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See The River

raised from private & public sources
with $700K invested in research, community
outreach, and restoration design

volunteer hours
devoted to the project by the Board
of Directors and community members

direct cost
to the city of North Adams,one of
the poorest cities in Massachusetts