NORTH ADAMS – A solution to the deteriorating Hoosic River flood control system in North Adams has come a step closer. 

The City of North Adams has now secured all the required funding needed to launch a U. S. Army Corp of Engineers Feasibility Study of the City’s 70-year-old flood control system. The study will be a collaborative effort led by the Corps to identify, evaluate and recommend a workable solution that will ensure flood protection for the City.

“I look forward to working with the Corps and community stakeholders to plan for a modern flood control system that will protect the community from floods and enhance the economic and environmental value of our river; it is long overdue”, said North Adams Mayor Jennifer Macksey.

A US Army Corps of Engineers Feasibility Study is typically a 3 year, $3 Million dollar effort, with half of the estimated cost provided by the Federal government, in annual installments, and the remaining $1.5 million matched by non-Federal entities. In this case, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts has committed $1 million toward the Study and the City of North Adams, the remaining $500 thousand through a recently approved bond authorization.

US Senators Edward Markey and Elizabeth Warren, and US Congressman Richard Neal, have been long-term supporters of this project. Together they convinced Congress of the vital importance of this Federal funding. “The Hoosic River is a true community treasure in North Adams,” said Congressman Neal. “The feasibility study is a major first step in reinventing the river and the viable recreational activities within and around it. I look forward to the completion of this project and the endless possibilities it will bring to the region.”

State funding was secured through close collaboration between former Senator Adam Hinds, Representative John R. Barrett and former Governor Charlie Baker. “Both the governor and I recognized that the flood control system in North Adams is in desperate need of repair”, said Representative Barrett. “It is an environmental issue, a make or break project not just for North Adams but for Adams and Williamstown as well. I’m grateful that the former governor agreed and released $1 million in the Environmental Bond Bill to support this study.”

Judy Grinnell, President of the Hoosic River Revival, an all-volunteer, non-profit organization that helped facilitate the funding commitments, said that “We are so pleased the City and the Corps of Engineers will begin that necessary, comprehensive analysis this year ”.  She also highlighted that, at the same time, the City and HRR will be engaging directly with residents  to ensure that the study reflects community needs and aspirations. Grinnell asked that community members who would like more information or a  Feasibility Study Question & Answer meeting for their neighborhood or organization, to contact the Hoosic River Revival at: or 413.398.5288.

Many thanks to the NA City Council, the State of Massachusetts, and the Federal Government!

For more information contact the Hoosic River Revival at: or 413.398.5288.